DIY – Flute Cleaning Cloth


Did you know you can make your own flute cleaning cloth? I know that many student instruments don’t come with a cleaning cloth, and I find myself making them often for beginners. They also make great gifts!

The best part about these is that they don’t cost much at all! In fact, if you sew or craft often you might be able to use scraps like I do. 😀


Step 1: Choose your fabric and grab a pair of scissors! The fabric needs to be 100% cotton flannel that’s been washed, but any pattern works. (I always wash my fabric before I use it.) If you don’t have any flannel scraps, you can always check the remnants bin at the fabric store before buying from the bolt. I’m going to use pinking shears to cut mine since it reduces future fraying, but you can also use regular fabric scissors.


Step 2: Measure the fabric. The largest size you should use is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Smaller is better! If you cut the fabric much larger than that it doesn’t go through the flute as well. If you are unsure how large that should be, you can grab any piece of regular paper and use that for your measurements.


Step 3: Cut the fabric. If you are using pinking shears, make sure the ridges line up for each cut.


Cut off the selvage edge, if you have one, and all other raw edges that have frayed.


That’s it! You made your very own flute cleaning cloth! If the cloth gets really dirty, just put it in the wash with your regular laundry.


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