Scale of the Week – B Major


B Major! We are very much in the land of sharps!

It’s really easy to get bored playing scales every day (or at least it’s that way for me), so another way to mix it up is to play them with different articulations.

You could double tongue, triple tongue, etc. on every note, or you could even apply those articulations on the way up and down the scale. I like to work on keeping my articulations even, so I will flip them and try the scale that way.

An example is to play the scale double tonguing the normal way up and down the scale (using the T and the K like normal). The next time you could flip the tonguing and use the K then the T. The K part of double tonguing is usually the weakest. By starting with the K you can work on keeping it even with the T.

How do you work on your articulations?

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