Scale of the Week – C Major


The Circle of Fifths! Either you love it or hate it as a musician. After I warm up, I like to play through the major scales around the circle. Sometimes I’ll go forward and sometimes I’ll go backwards, but I don’t like to do the same thing everyday. Scales are super important!! It might not be enjoyable, but it’s necessary. It’s like eating an apple day keeps the doctor away, except a scale a day gets you ready to play! (If only it could be that easy… haha)

If I’m running really low on time, I’ll at least try to pick one scale or key signature, play the scale, and then run through my exercises with that key signature. This week the scale is C Major.

So what exercises or books do I apply the key signature to? The exercises I use change depending on what I am working on, but I usually work out of these books:

  44L01AL17204 Buy this book here.


Buy this book here.

They both have a bunch of different exercises to work with. I like to at least choose dynamics, intervals, and rhythmic changes if I have time. Some of the Taffanel exercises are like tongue twisters for your fingers!

What are your favorite exercise books?


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